September 30 BLOCKCHAIN IN REAL LIFE…for regular people By Abraham Phillips, Allie Liu, Isabella Maudsley, Tamara Turchetta

What are you passionate about? Don’t worry, we’re not about to ask you what you want to be when you grow up. What activity makes you feel excited, at ease, or truly yourself? Chances are, the way you do what you love is going to be revolutionized by blockchain technology, and probably sooner than you […]

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July 04 With Everything That’s Happened This Year… By Abraham Phillips, Allie Liu, Tristan John-Jangles, Vanessa Mugambi, Asma Omar, Tamara Turchetta

Strange times we are living in. There has been a lot of speculation about what life after Covid will look like. Would it be exactly like life as we knew it without Covid? Would there be lingering effects in how we behave and interact, in what we prefer, in what will succeed or fail or […]

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April 23 ‘…but I like them! Who cares who their friends are?’: Partners Matter in the Data Collection Game of Pass the Parcel By Tristan John-Jangles, Joshna Joseph, Jayden Personnat, Sara Kadam, Bilal Siddiqui, Tamara Turchetta

To use or not to use… an app….that is the decision…It’s one that many of us arrive at with tremendous conviction backed by an equally tremendous lack of meaningful information, often in the form of some cleverly wordsmithed Tweet or social media post that most of us could do little more than meaninglessly parrot if […]

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