January 07 Humanity and Change: 2 Constants in the Face of New Technologies and Green Policies By Ashita Mutyala, Sara Kadam, Harshia Bhagat, Bilal Siddiqui, Tamara Turchetta

We have all heard the phrase “Change is the only constant,” however, the idea of “embracing change” has not quite been embraced. Now more than ever, change is arriving at a rapid pace in terms of advancing technology and environmental policies. As these things start to affect our daily lives, people will be more or […]

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November 26 The Optional SAT Test Might Not Be So Optional to Students By Sara Kadam

With students already having a lot on their plate with college applications, not to mention the stress that comes along with it, covid-19 has further added to the burden on students’ shoulders. With testing centers rapidly cancelling tests during these unprecedented times, most universities were forced to amend their college requirements by either going test-optional, […]

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November 12 The Importance of Exploring Your Interests By Soni Rambharack

Planning your future is not easy. It takes years of discovering your skills and what you enjoy. Some interests are discovered at a very young age, from when you put on that superhero costume for Halloween, or when you assemble a drone Christmas morning, eager to play with it. What does this teach you about […]

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