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Resources are a bit like chocolate.

In theory, the more the better.
Put into practice, though, sometimes more can get in the way
and doesn’t feel like ‘better’.

We research and investigate each resource we select and feature 
–independently, unsolicited, and based on criteria that reflects
extraordinary value and opportunity.

Because whether it’s chocolate,
or something else that purports to enrich your life,
we feel that you should be clear on the ingredients.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS are not created equal. In general, we feel that the things that separate the great from the good often have little to do with the school name or the degree earned.

We collect ones that:

  • you might not know about or have thought of
  • have understandable information around what they are and what they cost
  • help you figure out where you can use them when you’re done
  • help you meet people who can help you with that
  • can stand alone based on the experiences and outcomes they offer

√ cost effective traditional options 

√ accelerated program tracks

√ paid work study programs (CO-OPs)

√ accredited gap year/summer studies

√ alternative and combination tracks

√ certificate, diploma, apprenticeship  programs 

SKILLS-BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES come in all different forms, regardless of how old or young you are, or whether you’re even a student.

We feature ones that:

  • open doors to explore interests
  • build valuable practical skills
  • increase confidence and clarity around plans and goals

√ internships

√ leadership and team building  

√ idea hack-a-thons

√ community service


√ live, on-line, real time research 

√ travel and gap year programs

√…and all kinds of seriously cool nerdy competitions

FUNDING OPTIONS are probably the least understood and most underused resource of all.

We highlight ones that:

  • are a little more fun and flexible
  • are mostly need blind and possibly more usable for you
  • allow you to showcase some great skill-sets
  • may often be applied to a variety of institutions
  • make a great add to your portfolio or resume

√ audio/video competitions

√ problem solving contests

√ creative projects

√ idea or real-life essay contests

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