September 03 SOW MUCH MORE THAN WEEDS…and now for the FUND Part! By Luna Saldana Lopez

In a time marked by environmental challenges and biodiversity loss, sowing native seeds has emerged as one promising way to allow us to simply observe the connection within ecosystems and to play a part in restoring the connections necessary for securing a sustainable future. Our $4YT fundraising campaign has grown to now offer particular native […]

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April 13 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let’s Start Thinking Ahead By Sami Polumohanti, Chioma Okoro, Vanshika Bhamidipati, Nischitha Korrapati, Tamara Turchetta

Imagine eating your grandma’s cookies: Chocolatey, sweet, and full of love. You think that, one day, you can make those same cookies for your grandkids. You can, because it is a long-standing family recipe that gets passed down through generations connecting them to their past and to people they have never met, from the time […]

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October 01 CLIMATE CHANGE: SWITCHING THE LENS By Anoushka Singh, Akhila Lingam, Sami Polumohanti, Jessie Li, Vanshika Bhamidipati, Allie Liu, Tamara Turchetta

We do our best to do our part. We haul our compost bins to the town recycling centre, we clear our email inboxes so they take up less space, and we wash plastic containers before recycling them. We understand that there are wildfires and melting ice and dying animals, which is why we alter our […]

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