Program Length: 2 days

Location: Both offline (in Ontario) and online

Admissions Requirement: You need to be a secondary school student. International students can compete in the national competition. However, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to be on the Canadian national team for the IYPT. You need a team of three to five secondary school students, along with a Team Leader over the age of 18 with experience in the field of physics. (If your team does not have enough members, the organizers might be able to pair you up with other students.)

Admissions Deadline: Mid February

Highlight: Do you have a passion for the world of physics? Have you ever dreamed of being on the Canadian youth physics team? Well attending Stem Fellowship’s Canadian Youth Physicists Tournament (CaYPT) could be just the opportunity you’re looking for. Stem Fellowship is a Canadian charity dedicated to providing STEM resources and mentorships to students around the world. You can check out some of their other opportunities such as the ASADI Lari Interdisciplinary Contest and the Research Exploration Opportunity as well! The CaYPT is a youth physicists tournament in which groups of students work together to solve open-ended physics problems. Each group is made up of 3-5 students (all students must be secondary school students but can also be international students) who do not need to be from the same school, and one adult who has at least an adequate understanding of physics. Before attending this youth physicists tournament , teams will already need to have come up with a theoretical model, research, and experiment on all of the problems. The CaYPT is an opportunity for teams to present their solutions to the judges and other competitors. Another aspect of this youth physicists tournament is the Physics Match. The basic structure of the Physics Match is as follows: a presenting team will present their findings for one of the problems while the opponent tells the jury about flaws in their presentation, and the jury gives each team a score out of 10. All teams at this youth physicists tournament will be given the opportunity to be a part of the presenting team, the opponent team, and the jury team. The final part of the CaYPT is the awards ceremony. The top 15% of teams at this youth physicists tournament will receive a gold medal and the first place certificate, the next 15% will receive a silver medal and the second place certificate, and the following 20% of teams will receive a bronze medal and the third place certificate. The top students at the CaYPT, given that they’re Canadian citizens, will be given the opportunity to participate in the International Youth Physicists Tournament representing Canada! Though the application cost for this youth physicists tournament can range from $260-$300 for virtual or in person competitions, Stem Fellowship encourages applicants to also apply for the CaYPT Student Fellowship Program which will award teams with $1000 for the purpose of paying the application fee to CaYPT and funding the team’s CaYPT research. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Stem Fellowship or check out their FAQ page. So, if you’re attracted to this magnetic youth physicists tournament, then start experimenting with your interests, and consider registering today!


$260 for virtual competitions
$300 for in person competitions

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