Sponsoring Institution: STEM Fellowship

Type: Interdisciplinary STEM Problem Solving Contest
30 questions, 90 minutes

Eligibility: Hosted in Canada but all high school students in all grades from anywhere in the world are welcome to participate — just expect grade 11 content

Application Deadline: Registration is FREE and opens in January… more details available when registration is open.

Highlight: Do you ever study for an exam and realize you’re doing more memorization than actual learning? Do you wish school had more real-life applications, especially in STEM? Your questions have been answered! In the Asadi-Lari Interdisciplinary Contest, you will put your biology, chemistry, physics, and math skills to the test with analytical, real-world questions. In a 30-question multiple-choice exam, which you will have 90 minutes to complete, you will combine your knowledge to think across the boundaries of science to come up with answers in the interdisciplinary STEM contest. As long as you are a high school student, you can be located anywhere, and you can sign-up for free to compete in this interdisciplinary STEM contest. This STEM Fellowship contest has material from 11th year schooling, but any high school students from any year can challenge their knowledge and students from all levels and backgrounds are encourage compete!  In fact, staring in 2022, STEM Fellowship is translating their questions to non-English languages, in order to optimize the inclusivity of the contest and the participation of international students from underrepresented countries! Finally, the top 10% of scorers receive a certificate, and the top three receive monetary prizes — specific amounts of which are decided closer to the competition date. Registration for this interdisciplinary STEM Fellowship contest begins in January, with the actual competition taking place at the end of March. What are you waiting for? Have some fun testing the boundaries of your interdisciplinary knowledge! You may be surprised by the connections you make! Register for STEM Fellowship’s Asadi- Ladri Interdisciplinary contest today!

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