Program Length: 5 days over spring break


Different locations based on your area
8 universities host the program across Canada:
University of Calgary,
University of Alberta,
University of Guelph,
Queen’s University,
University of Toronto,
McGill University,
York University, and
University of British Columbia

Admissions Req:

Must be enrolled in a Canadian high school in grade 10 – 12
Must demonstrate an interest in STEM (as demonstrated through possibly an application question, your CV, and/or your coursework — depending on the university)
Must complete an application and submit required documentation prior to the deadline
Must be at least 15 years of age

Highlight: Thinking about your future career and all the possibilities that you have can be overwhelming at times. Exactly why the REO STEM Research Program is here to help you take a step back. This STEM Research Program branches across 8 brilliant universities, each accommodating students living in different parts of Canada to research at their top notch facilities. Applicants of this STEM Research Program have to be students in grades 10-12, in a Canadian high school who are interested in pursuing a STEM field and are 15 years of age at the time of application. Students applying for this STEM Research Program must complete the application and submit the required documentation prior to the deadline in early February. Selected students for this STEM Research Program will be invited to partake in STEM Research that will extend over 5 days alongside graduates of the respective universities who will mentor them. Students will also get the chance to learn about the various opportunities available in the fields that they choose. Here are some alumni testimonials of what they’ve learned from this STEM Research Program. Still have questions? You can contact them through this email: So what are you waiting for? Check which university you’re nearest to and click on the link above to apply!

Financial: Free to apply

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