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Ways to Finance Them

Have a look at some of the private/need and merit-based scholarships offered through the Daughters of the American Revolution. No, your mother doesn’t have to be descended from a patriot, and yes, they can actually be used for a wide range of majors! So, if you’re thinking of history, politics, nursing, education, law, or one of the other eligible subject areas, click on the link. It may be well worth your time to take a quick glance.

Unheard of Opportunities

Do you know of have an interest in Sign Language?? Wondering if there was any way to use it towards your volunteer hours? Well if you live in Newfoundland/ Labrador, then you’re in luck! Click on the link to investigate “Gain a Superpower” -- a  newly approved free sign language support initiative helping elementary students better communicate and interact with their deaf classmates.


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