Education Programs Out There

Translate that love of languages into a degree that can drive your career forward! This unique multilingual degree program offers students the chance to hone language skills in a context and location that fosters diverse individual career goals. Highlight: small and tight knit community of supportive faculty and students :)

Ways to Finance Them

This french essay contest awards 78 cash prizes from $1,000-$12,000 -- or -- 78 additional incentives for Canadian secondary students in french programs to continue on to post secondary french programs: Peut-etre, less debt-yah ?

Unheard of Opportunities

Explore a real way to learn, use, or improve your french over the summer! 3 week or 5 week intensive programs held on university campuses across Canada from Nova Scotia to BC and geared to help you wherever you are with the language! All students receive a bursary to cover all costs including tuition and room and board! Incroyable? Mais oui! C’est vrai!

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