Education Programs Out There

Did you even know you could get a degree in designing boats or structures for water? And a different degree from the same place in operating underwater remote control vehicles? And do it all with a great view of icebergs and whales? Check out Canada’s best kept secret. Great reputation. Great value. Great results.

Ways to Finance Them

Now might be the time to pick up that smart phone; think of a cool, creative way to video that great and possibly whacky understanding of a science or math concept you know; check out this contest and possibly win $250,000 for your effort -plus an extra $50,000 for that favourite teacher! Great project to finish out the school year and start the summer!

Unheard of Opportunities

Rack up volunteer hours right after you wrap up your homework.  Collect data for scientists doing real life research projects around the world ...from the comfort of your computer! Art, Science, History, Biology, Climate, Language and more….all covered. Pick any cool project you want,  you’ll get the info you need to get started! Legit looks great on your university application, too!

Sharing Don’t Drop the Ball!

We use this email to EXTEND OUR REACH to parents and students to COLLECT AND CURATE YOUR SUGGESTIONS for programs so that we can offer FREE, EASY-TO-BROWSE RESOURCES and EXCEPTIONAL ,TAILORED SUPPORT SERVICES on request.

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