Education Programs Out There

Thinking about becoming a vet? Here’s a UK option that qualifies graduates to work in both Canada and the US! Offers an accelerated 4 year route to boot! Highly acclaimed and widely accredited program; wildly confident students...all just a short hop across the pond. Added bonus:  great pub nights!

Ways to Finance Them

Keeping it plain and simple: basically a scholarship lottery... That’s right! There is no performance eligibility requirement at all, and a potentially $100,000 worth of upside for  just entering a bunch of contests throughout the year….only catch? You can’t become Canada's luckiest student if you don’t play !

Unheard of Opportunities

Travel to your choice of 184 countries around the world; help individuals, families, or organizations with.. stuff they need help with  for a few hours a day and get room and board and often so much more in return. Probably as many different kinds of jobs as countries -- maybe more! Experience much more than just a change of scenery when you travel!


Sharing: Don’t Drop the Ball!

We've  created this page to:

  • extend our reach through a weekly email to parents and students making them aware of programs out there.
  • build our database by collecting and curating suggestions you have for programs you've done and can recommend.
  • let students know that there is a resource out there they can check out independently, anytime; and a place they can ask questions, get planning, selection, or application support they might need on request.
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