Education Programs Out There

Interested in energy issues and in getting the skills and exposure to new technologies you’ll need for an exciting and employable future? Take a look at this MacClean's magazine top-listed standout program that's the first of its kind in western Canada.  Interdisciplinary coursework across 3 school faculties, mandatory paid co-op, award-winning state-of-the art facility, all sustainable. So, if you're looking to make an impact...

Ways to Finance Them

Let your good marks and commitment to service help you out with more than just your GPA and volunteer hours! Submit a short essay detailing your community involvement for a chance to be 1 of 20 students selected to win a  scholarship for up to $70,000 over 4 years toward both tuition and living (so, essentially all of your university expenses!).. It’s also pretty good incentive to get a leg-up on that university application procrastination-list-topping personal statement. So, start spilling the tea.

Unheard of Opportunities

Spend that time you need to figure out what you want, in a way that can really help you do that!... And possibly even get university credit for the effort! This award-winning, non-profit dedicated to normalizing the bridge-year thoroughly prepares students for wherever they travel to and whatever they do.  Impact on personal development, career insights, and network growth continues far beyond the duration of the adventure! Affordable for all qualified candidates...

Sharing: Don’t Drop the Ball!

We've  created this page to:

  • extend our reach through a weekly email to parents and students making them aware of programs out there.
  • build our database by collecting and curating suggestions you have for programs you've done and can recommend.
  • let students know that there is a resource out there they can check out independently, anytime; and a place they can ask questions, get planning, selection, or application support they might need on request.
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