Education Programs Out There

42. You may know it as the almighty answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything, but it’s also a totally free Silicon Valley campus-based software education program (yes, so like computers, tuition, possibly even accommodation!) where working in local tech companies is casually part of the curriculum. Got game? The application process starts with some online puzzles and a potential invite to a free month long bootcamp.

Ways to Finance Them

Make suggestions and money at the same time! This Stanford StartX company offers students the opportunity to solve real world business and engineering problems posed by real world companies to win various $ awards based on where your answers rank. Money goes towards tuition in any recognized institution anywhere in the world. Many winners for each problem. No limit to how many times you enter or how much you win.

Unheard of Opportunities

Bring a little (or a lot of) community service to your holiday any time of year! Spend a couple of hours, days, or weeks helping on locally driven, customizable projects right near Puerto Plata. Authentic, safe, and inexpensive way to travel, contribute, practice Spanish, and get a heap of volunteer hours!

Sharing Don’t Drop the Ball!

We use this email to EXTEND OUR REACH to parents and students to COLLECT AND CURATE YOUR SUGGESTIONS for programs so that we can offer FREE, EASY-TO-BROWSE RESOURCES and EXCEPTIONAL ,TAILORED SUPPORT SERVICES on request.

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