Program Length: 4 years

Location: Los Angeles, California; Hong Kong, China; Milan, Italy

Admissions Req:

•Common Application
• USC Writing Supplement (attached to Common Application)
• World Bachelor in Business Written Prompts (attached to USC Writing Supplement)
• Video Introduction
• Documentation of Financial Support (International Students only. More information)
• High school transcripts from grades 9 to 12
• SAT or ACT (essays and essay scores are optional)
• TOEFL or other English language certificates
• Activities summary
• Personal statement
• Counselor or teacher recommendations

Highlight: In a world that is constantly changing, many students are looking to entrepreneurship. With that, the desire for a solid foundation in business education among students has also increased. Many students are now looking for programs that can fit their learning style and can expose them to the fundamentals of business across the world. For these students, the USC Marshall World of Bachelor of Business is an ideal program to consider. As an undergraduate program hosting a total of 45 students, this business program is one that can connect students with real-world, leading-edge business practices. One of the main features of this business program is that it exposes students to business fundamentals in 3 different regions of the world: Asia, Europe, and North America. It is a 4-year program that includes 3 global universities: USC in Los Angeles. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong, and the University Bocconi in Milan. Students spend one full year at each campus and then have the final choice of joining any of the named universities for their final year in the business program. Each business program in each university is unique in its own way. See the yearly curriculum breakdown above to get a better sense of each university’s strengths! All of these distinctive and specific international program features make joining the USC World Bachelors in Business program even more of a unique and relevant educational experience. Lastly, the icing on that cake is that this program gives students a real opportunity to learn new languages in their native context – like Mandarin in Hong Kong and Italian in Italy. Seriously, can integrating travel into your education become any more enjoyable or helpful? Doubtful… Check it out and apply to be one of the 45 students selected for this unique adventure!

Cost: Check here for the cost of tuition and information about financial aid



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