Program Length:  4 years

Location: Evanston, Illinois

Admissions Req: Traditional Northwestern Application Process for both undergraduate and graduate programs including Recommendation Letter (1 – Academic Teacher/ 1  counsellor or school administrator)

Highlight: Throughout all the years that the current format for formal post secondary education has been in practice, there haven’t been many changes that have taken place within the system. Learning as we know it is the same learning that was being taught centuries ago. Our brains process things differently than our ancestors, and Northwestern University is introducing their Whole Brain Engineering program that will get students to analyze things with both sides of the brain. If you like both the arts and engineering, you don’t have to choose because now you can experience both at the same time. As an engineering major at the McCormick School of Engineering, you get the chance to work on cool projects such as “No wires, More cuddles”, where you work with medical students to help newborn babies. Working on real world cool projects happens in your first year of the program, so as a student who is part of this whole brain engineering program, you will be introduced to the Segal Design Institute and have an opportunity to build and integrate cool projects into a real world context — such as hospitals. There’s so much to explore within this program! So why not consider a college experience that considers all of your interests?

Cost: $60,276 USD but  Financial Aid is available for pretty much everyone.

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