Program Length: 4 years (122 total credit hours)

Location: West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia

Admissions Req: 
• Course-work requirements for first time freshmen: https://admissions.wvu.edu/how-to-apply/first-time-freshmen/admission-requirements

Highlight: Puppets have been used since the earliest times to animate and communicate ideas and stories, but nowadays many schools do not offer courses that cover and highlight such a historical craft. Luckily the university of West Virginia offers a BFA in Puppetry, which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre and is one of only two such programs offered in the U.S.! This puppetry major is a four year program that includes:

  • intensive studies of children’s theater
  • the practice of puppetry as a theatrical art form, and
  • education and creative dramatic activity as methods of learning and self-development for children.

Take courses  like puppet construction, children’s theater, and puppetry for educators. You can see more information on the courses for this puppetry major here. Additional facilities support mentorship programs, as well as spaces for puppet fabrication, and theater set and costume construction. Grants for educational travel and research opportunities are also available. The tuition for this puppetry major can be found here. This university also offers merit based scholarships based on GPA, for more information look here. To apply for this puppetry major as a freshman you need to have completed some required coursework in highschool, and you can find more details on  that stuff here. For the spring semester applications are due early December while for the fall semester, applications are due early August. So if you feel that this is something you’re interested in and would like to investigate further, check out this puppetry program here…no strings attached!

West Virginia Resident:
$5,184 USD per semester
$13, 922 USD per semester
$14, 292 USD per semester

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