Program Length:  2 years Mid October – Jan 15: to apply for Autumn start
Early June – Aug 15th: To apply for Spring start

Location: Lund, Sweden (very beautiful spot, fyi!)

Admissions Req: You will need a few things: like a Bachelor’s degree in civil/environmental engineering or equivalent and English 6 first. You also need completed courses in mathematics, fluid mechanics and geology, each corresponding to at least 4 credits/ECTS.

Highlight: Water is an abundant resource that the earth has carried for many years. It has served us time and time again but now it’s our time to serve it. Lund University offers an exceptional water engineering program, called Water Resources Engineering – Master’s Programme, to students all across the globe! Located in Sweden, this globally recognized water engineering program welcomes international students and is conducted in English.  All you need to apply is a Bachelor’s degree in civil or environmental engineering, or something related to sustainability. In this water engineering program, you’ll spend two years learning from some of the best in the field with courses ranging from wastewater treatment to the modelling of hydrological processes. Lund University itself is a prestigious, internationally-recognized and well-connected institution. If you have a passion for human rights, then this water engineering will allow you to develop your skills to help improve lives around the world! This water engineering program will cost a total of Sek 290,000 or 33,688.43 USD: Although it’s free for EU residents and Swedish nationals, it’s still a pretty sweet deal since  that’s the cost for the entire 2-year program!  And on top of that, there are many scholarships to help you along the way. Apply today to this water engineering program and let water lead the way to embark upon this easy path of low resistance!

Cost: Tuition Fees: Sek 290,000 = USD 33,688.43, Application Fee – Sek 900 = USD 104.55 (

Financial Aid:  Many types of financial aid available!

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