Marine Institute at Memorial University

Program Length: Water Quality Advanced Diploma is a 1 year program

Location: St.John’s, Newfoundland

Admissions Req: Undergraduate degree or 3 yr tech diploma in appropriate field or work experience up to the discretion of the admissions committee….all Water Quality applicants must have completed a 1st year Intro Chemistry course

Highlight: Water Quality is a topical post graduate environmental safety program that offers incredible value and can be completed in a short timeframe! This one year program focuses on safe and eco-friendly water and wastewater management and is one of the very few water quality programs in Canada or North America. It provides significant training in water quality testing and treatment of water and wastewater and includes a mandatory 13 week water quality industry work term. Students learn about the socioeconomic and environmental factors impacting water quality, as well as, legislative policies and regulations surrounding its usage so that they have the tools they need to manage and protect our water resources and are well positioned for careers in all sectors of water quality management. Quench your thirst for more information around water quality and managing the water we use!

Cost:  Canadian students$5960.52CAD                                                                                      Int’l students –$12,234.60CAD

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