Program Length: Secondary Education Program: 2 years (Junior and Senior years of high school – the OG IB Diploma Program!)
Short Courses: 1 – 5 weeks

Location: Depends on the country in which the branch of the school is located. More details on all the countries with a branch is linked here.

Admissions Req: Age requirements differ for taking short courses. For the secondary  program, admissions criteria are as linked.

Highlight: Does attending a boarding school abroad sound expensive and almost impossible? Well, not anymore! The United World College (UWC) movement is an international education organisation that operates 18 international boarding schools around the world. It is aimed towards students aged 16-19. UWC’s belief is that education is a force for peace and development, and its schools promote education as a tool for building bridges between cultures, nations, and individuals. They have schools located in Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Wales, Armenia, South Africa, India, Canada, and many others! Each school has students from 50+ countries around the world!
UWC offers a special two-year post-secondary education program that combines rigorous academics, community service, and cultural immersion. The program runs through junior and senior years. However, you can still apply as a current junior or senior and extend your highschool education accordingly! Upon graduation, students are awarded the IB diploma that is highly recognized and valued in university admissions contexts worldwide. You can learn more about UWC’s impact from alumni testimonials and Harvard’s impact study! UWC’s selection criteria is holistic and they value a lot more than just your academic grades! They value intellectual curiosity, global awareness, social competence, and your personality! If you require a scholarship, applying through your country’s national committee will be the right route for you. Make sure to find your UWC national committee of citizenship or residence and apply through them! Also, it is important to know the application deadlines for your national committee, as they can vary as well.  Although UWC’s school fees can be a bit pricey (depending on the school’s location), you have the chance to attend for free! 80% of applicants applying through national committees receive financial aid.
In addition, UWC also offers a variety of short courses for those who want to enjoy the UWC experience without the two-year commitment. Courses usually last one to five weeks and there is funding on a course-by-course basis. On your short course, you will live and share experiences with 30-60 other students. Together, you’ll have the chance to  develop and communicate an informed perspective on a range of contemporary socio-political issues.
So what are you waiting for? If you are a young person who is fascinated by the world, and driven to make it better, apply now , then get there and take a chance and apply to this exceptionally extraordinary (high school) education experience!

UWC’s school fees range from $30,000 to $110,000 (depending on the school’s location). However 80% of applicants applying through national committees receive financial aid.

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