Program Length: 11 months

Location: University of British Columbia

Admissions Req:
• Academically strong students who don’t meet the English language requirement (here is the link to know if you meet the English language admission requirement)

Highlight: Do you dream of attending university in beautiful British Columbia for an engineering or science degree, but are an international student who doesn’t yet meet the English requirements needed? Then the University of British Columbia’s Vantage program is perfect for you! This international degree program gives strong engineering and science candidates from other countries the opportunity to attend UBC even if they don’t meet the English language admissions requirements. The structure this international degree program is as follows: students attend term 1 and 2 (September to May) at the UBC Vancouver campus, attend term 3 (May to July) at either the Okanagan or Vancouver campus depending on their course of study, and progress to their second year of study if they pass the course. When students progress to their second year of study, they continue their study as regular UBC students. During this 11 month international degree program, Vantage college students complete the exact same courses as regular students with additional features such as smaller class sizes, English tutoring, language instruction integrated with course work, and more! This international degree program currently offers 2 courses of study. The engineering program allows students to gain a strong foundation of core concepts in engineering through group work, hands-on experiences, and research projects. The science program includes both computational and physical science electives. Computational science refers to programming and data whereas physical science features knowledge about the world around us. UBC also offers 3 scholarships plus additional emergency bursaries dedicated exclusively to the international Vantage program students in order to defray the cost of this international degree language equalizer program . So if you meet the admissions requirements  and think you’re ready to jumpstart your engineering or science career  in Canada, then take ad-Vantage of this program and apply today! 

Program fees and living cost; Program Fees | UBC Vantage College
• various scholarships are available


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