Program Length: 20 week, full-time program. After working a few weeks, there is a two week training period in Frederick, MD. 

Location: Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program has restoration efforts in national parks across the U.S 

Admissions Req: Participants in this Traditional Trades Apprenticeship program must be between 16-30. ***Specifics of programs vary between parks; programs that require  heavy vehicle operation are not open to candidates under 18. Veterans must be between 18 and 35. Everyone admitted into the Traditional Trades Apprenticeship program must have a valid driver’s license and must be a U.S citizen. 

Highlight: If you’re a young adult or even a slightly older veteran looking to further your skills relating to traditional trades in the context of historic preservation, the National Parks Services’ Traditional Trades Apprenticeship is the perfect program for you! Because this is a government-run program dedicated to maintaining and restoring the beauty of national parks, participants are paid to be part of this 20-week program! On top of paying people to work outdoors, the Traditional Trades Apprenticeship provides candidates with a high-quality education in one or more of the following trades; masonry, carpentry, park preservation, or program management. These programs are located in National Parks all over the country, in places as cold as Minnesota, and as warm as the Virgin Islands. Although the site information may seem a bit overwhelming or vague, definitely reach out to connect. They have really helpful staff who will answer any of your questions 🙂 We know because we wrote to them! They have a number of different learning programs  and a specific  center dedicated to connecting Native American Youth with historic preservation projects. Work outside learning traditional skills in this trades apprenticeship program and get a new hands-on perspective of history, restoring and reviving beautiful pieces of beautiful places. 

Cost: You actually are PAID to be part of this Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program! Hourly wages are usually $15/hour and stipend wages are typically somewhere around  $550 per week. Though many candidates may be local to the program site (as local programs foster local recruitment), some program sites are just generally more remote. Although particulars of programs may vary depending on the park and state, in  most cases travel, and in many cases  lodging is provided by the program. 

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