Program Length: 4 years total (including all summer and coop terms)

Location:  Vancouver, British Columbia

Admissions Req:  Clear requirements spelled out for every province and education level of entry starting with high school graduates, as well as for International students. Fall, Spring, and Summer term rolling admissions. There is a short question supplemental application requirement as well

Highlight:  First program of this kind in Western Canada. The Sustainable Energy Engineering program is designed to give students the skills and practical experience necessary to be industry ready for various careers in sustainable energy to include sustainable manufacturing, food, and water solutions; cleantech and clean power generation and utilization; as well as renewable energy and smart cities. Curriculum includes interdisciplinary coursework in Faculty of Science, Faculty of the Environment, and School of Business as well as 3 mandatory paid co-op terms. Classes are conducted  in a brand new, award-winning state-of-the-art building. Huge emphasis on lab and teamwork as well as on community driven projects in this MacCleans top-listed standout program at this internationally well-reputed university. A great way to really learn how to change the world!

Cost:  Canadian Students $10,000 CAD/term                                                                           Int’l Students $20,000CAD/term                                                                                                        fees include tuition,  room and board, books, and medical and dental plan.                        scholarships and bursaries available for both Canadian and Int’l students                         — 8 terms + 3 paid Coop terms as well

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