Program Length: Usually 4 years

Location: Squamish, British Columbia

Admissions Req:  The application process is similar to  most universities. Here’s general info on how to apply.   And here are more specific links that can fit your personal situation.. 
transfer students
LEAP students
international students
alternatively schooled students
non-degree students
exchange students

Highlight: Have you ever heard about the unique postsecondary program, Quest University? Are you a curious person who is tired of the traditional system of learning and would like to try something completely new and that has more flexibility and freedom? Look no further: Quest University is just as unique as its name — a beautiful university surrounded by peaceful nature and nearby cafés. This unique postsecondary program offers one personalized undergraduate degree in art and science that will help you pursue your graduate study. Your degree will be divided into 3 core courses; cornerstone ( build your critical skills), rhetoric ( learn how to effectively communicate your ideas and convey strong arguments), and Question ( your final thesis). During your first and second year, you will have 16 courses. You will take the foundation courses ( 3 Life Sciences Courses, 1 Mathematics Course, 2 Physical Sciences Courses, 3 Social Sciences Courses, 3 Arts and Humanities Courses, 1 Language Course) to build a strong foundation. During the third and fourth years of this unique postsecondary program, students will complete a keystone which means students will research and direct their main courses toward the question or thesis they want to answer. During that time, students will also gain plenty of hands-on experience in their field as it’s already integrated in their courses. What’s unique about pursuing this degree, you will work in a Block Plan system where students will be in a classroom of 20 students and will focus on only one course every three weeks. Afterward, students will have a four day break before they start the next class. At the end of the degree, students will have designed and researched their question (thesis) in an area that interests them and present it. You can check some alumni work to give you an idea.This unique postsecondary program also gives an opportunity to students to gain experience in other countries as well as immerse and learn a new culture. If this is the university that you envision yourself into, let’s get to the application process. Early application deadline is on December 1 and application deadline is February 15. There is a $75 application fee for Canadian students and $150 for international students. There are multiple bursaries available to students. If you would like to get more information you can check out their viewbook or chat with one of their advisers. You can even visit the campus in person at your availability if you want to experience something new and revolutionary. 

Quest University is a registered charity and receives no funding from the government. All students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and bursaries and are also eligible to apply for government loan programs as well
Tuition for Canadians – $23,000
Tuition for Non Canadians – $38,000
Other fees: here

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