Program Length: 2 years (Diploma program)

Location: Olds, Alberta Canada

Admissions Req: Applicants to this agriculture program must earn certain minimum grades in English, Math, and Sciences:
50% or better in English Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2
55% or better in Math 20-1 or 20-2
50% or better in two of Biology 20, Chemistry 20, Physics 20 or Science 20 OR
One of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30 or Science 30
plus meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement.
ut-of-province applicants to this agriculture program, click here to see requirements. 

Highlight: Combine agronomy, and technology to get techgronomy!  Blending the essential work of farming with the high tech world of Data Analytics  and New Technologies, the Precision Agriculture Techgronomy Diploma at Olds College may be the perfect program fit for you! You’re probably not alone if you’re thinking, “what even is agronomy?” So let’s get that out of the way: agronomy  is agriculture machinery/purpose built network management. Sort of, down-to-earth high tech…  get hands-on learning experience in this agriculture program by installing and troubleshooting agricultural equipment, and learn about how techgronomy fits in economics, environmental, and social principles.  You get to: learn about and analyze the interdependence of agricultural ecosystems, analyze the design and function of agricultural equipment within agricultural contexts to impact agronomics, and make recommendations around sustainable cropping decisions to stakeholders. Plus learn in an immersive environment – students who participate in this unique agriculture program get to work and live on the Olds College Smart Farm ecosystem. In addition, you will work with industry professionals on the business side where you will interact with stakeholders, and get some insights into investments, and financial planning. This agriculture program is your chance to build and apply scientific knowledge and field experience (literally!!). Maybe an interesting option to consider? If so, apply now

Cost: $7,180 / Books & Supplies: $1,500 (CAD)

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