Program Length: 1 year

Location: 6 months online bootcamp (10-15 hours a week – flexible location) plus 6 month apprenticeship with a Praxis business partner (cities across the US)

Admissions req: No high school diploma required and no official min or max age; youngest student to date is 16, and oldest mid-30s. Looking for highly driven applicants from all types of backgrounds.

Highlight: Extremely non-traditional 1-year apprenticeship model that prepares students to work in start-ups and then gives them a 6-month paid apprentice placement. If you’re hard-working, ambitious, and the idea of spending 4 years sitting in a classroom studying business followed by months of networking and applying for jobs sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry, then check out Praxis. and their commitment to helping students graduate debt-free. 96% of students graduate with a job offer!! Gain the competitive skills and solid experience that will make you stand out to employers. Personal mentors on hand each step of the way. Students graduate with a personal website and project portfolio showcasing real world projects and achievements.

more info on $ $12,000USD (options for payment)…  entirely paid off with work term… net cost $0

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