Program Length: 4 years

Location: St Francis Xavier University

Admissions Req: For high school students in general, the minimum requirements include an overall average of 70% in Grade 12, with no marks below 65% in  required subjects. There are more specific requirements for Canadian and US students and for International students

Note: students with an admissions average of 85% and over are eligible for a StFX entrance scholarship worth at least $5,000 over four years of study

Highlight: Degrees in Mathematics are growing, and are expected to be in demand in the future. Mathematics degrees are important for teaching, finance, economy, government, and even computer science. There are so many options to explore with math. One option is teaching. If you are someone who is serious about Math and exploring higher Math, and are also considering teaching and love the idea working to both cultivate better math skills in students who are already advanced and just a greater affinity for Math in students who “hate” or “can’t do” it, then this smaller more personalized mathematics program might be perfect for you! With its small class sizes, there is a larger focus on mentorship and CO-OP options that can inform both your skills and your path!  Mathematics degrees can be as  flexible and rewarding, as they are academic; they are the foundations of careers ranging from art to science. Interested in pursuing a degree in mathematics? Apply to the Math and Statistics Program at St. Francis Xavier University, and equip yourself with the skills you need for your future! At St. Francis Xavier University Co-Op education is a hugely important, and this holds true, even for subjects as abstract and theoretical as mathematics. Located in the small (and very beautiful) Canadian Atlantic Province of Nova Scotia, the school has a vast Co-Op network that extends across Canada and Internationally. So, future mathematicians, or current math lovers who are less sure of what they want to pursue with math, consider applying to the mathematics program at ST Francis Xavier University for a little more clarity and a lot more opportunity!


Nova-Scotia Residents: $9,625.11CAD
Non Nova-Scotia Residents:$10,908.11CAD

International: $21,032.77

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