Program Length: 3 years 

Location: St.John’s, Newfoundland

Admissions Req:High school graduates and adult students meeting minimum English, Math and Science criteria can apply to the Geomatics Engineering mapping technology program

Highlight:  Geomatics: you might not be familiar with the name, but you might be interested in one or more of the diverse subjects this multidisciplinary mapping technology program covers. If learning about astronomical navigation by stars, ocean floor mapping for shipwrecks or treasure, or aerial photography for image analysis and map design appeals to your sense of curiosity and adventure, then this mapping technology program could be worth exploring. Graduates of this mapping technology program are immediately eligible for membership in a professional trade association (AETTNL). Plus, this Engineering mapping technology program itself is extremely cost effective, and (being a co-op) mandates 2 work terms in addition to some def coursework in photogrammetry, hydrography, and cadastral surveying! 

Cost:  Canadian Students  —  $726 CAD/semester or $7500CAD/entire 3 yr. Geomatics Engineering mapping technology program                                                                                  Int’l students —  $3500CAD/semester or $26,500CAD/3yr. Geomatics Engineering mapping technology program 

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