Program Length: 4 year Bachelors…Masters program offered as well

Location: Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON, Canada

Admissions Req: 
• A portfolio to demonstrate creativity and skills
• A statement of interest (1-2 pages) to explain your interest in this architecture program as well as choice of Laurentian University
• The name and contact information of 2 references (when possible, at least one from a current teacher)
• 1 grade 12 English U/M course; 2 grade 12 4U/M Math courses; 3 other grade 12 U/M courses
• A minimum overall average of 75% in the 6 best grade 12 U/M course

Highlight: Are you a student who wants to pursue an architecture program? Well, check out Laurentian University, which opened the McEwen School of Architecture in 2013 –Canada’s first new architectural curriculum in over 45 years! This university has invested in modern and innovative architectural buildings to combine multi-cultural perspectives to teach students about integrating sustainable materials into sensitive, functional, and beautiful architectural design. In addition, this sustainability focused architecture program has the latest technology to help students be updated and they even offer students co-op opportunities to enhance their studies and prepare them for the market. You can check out all of  the courses  offered in”this unique unfolding experiment in emerging teaching theories and multicultural mandates” by clicking the link. With instructors from English, French, Metis, and Anishinabek traditions, this university, located in an area surrounded by natural beauty, offers a unique multicultural approach to sustainable building and living. Students in this program will also get a chance to work with indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers (specifically First Nations and Metis) and even have an opportunity to earn a bilingual degree. As part of the admissions process, students need to create a portfolio that demonstrates their creativity and skills, including a statement of their interest and references. You can check out the degree requirements for high school students on their website as these can vary depending on your location. The McEwan school offers both a Bachelors and a Masters program… so if you think architecture might be in your future and have your sights set on serving traditional live and work needs in sustainable spaces, then be sure to include this new School of Architecture in your search. 

$11,805 yearly for domestic student
$32,668 yearly for international students
There are also some scholarships available.

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