Program Length: 6 semesters (full time) 12 semesters (flex time)

Location: In-person at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON, and virtual components

Admissions Req:  Application for this master of education program requires a bachelors of education with a 3.0 or B average OR a general bachelor degree with two years of professional experience, an English proficiency test (for some students), and three academic references

Highlight: The Master of Education program by the Faculty of Education of Lakehead University is a unique program that offers three distinct options for specializations that are part of the ‘Education for Change’ field of study. The specialization on Environmental and Sustainability Education focuses on relationships between humans and the natural world through studies that include climate change pedagogy, environmental justice, outdoor education, and place-based education The specialization on Indigenous Education focuses on the history and philosophy behind indigenous education. The third specialization in this education program focuses on Social Justice Education, with progressive viewpoints on how education should be viewed and how social injustices should be addressed in education. Costs for this education program varies, from around 2,900 CAD for domestic students to around 8,100 CAD for international students, but plenty of financial support options are provided to ensure every student’s success. Flexibility is also provided in this education program by allowing students to follow a Thesis, Portfolio, or Course route, all of which are available for full-time or flex-time studies. There is a wide variety of courses to accompany this master of education program, with a combination of theoretical and practical approaches. Courses vary from different approaches to research, to issues in technology and distance education, to focuses on indigenous production of mediums of art. The Indigenous Education program also offers land-based studies that adds aki (land) into the courses. Check out this video that shows one of the first activities in a course where students harvest wild rice! This education program provides a unique and different perspective on components of education that are necessary for ushering in a new way of thinking!!

Domestic students: $2700-3000 CAD per term
International students: $8100 CAD per term

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