Program Length: 4 years

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Admissions Req: High school graduate plus one senior-level Visual Arts credit (at the M or Open level) and four other grade 12 subjects at the U or M level… Or 2 semesters of postsecondary education that includes required courses.

Highlight: Unique 4 year program preparing students for a career in interaction design (aka how people engage with technology). Interaction designers are creative problem solvers committed to developing better content and applications that can improve the way businesses project what they offer, and the way users experience it. Sheridan’s hands-on real world projects approach allows students to cultivate big-picture thinking along with a diverse set of multidisciplinary skills and to feel  comfortably equipped to work across  boundaries, create their own jobs, launch their own businesses, or take the lead in new industries that don’t even exist yet.  Mandatory 14-week job placement between years 3 and 4 and  1-to-1 support both in and outside of class to prepare for it. Mentorship nights are scheduled regularly for project clarification, brainstorming, or general questions. Portfolio review and UX sessions feature representatives from top tier companies (i.e. Facebook) where some students go on to do internships. Definitely worth a look!

Cost:  Tuition is $9,250 CAD  (Canadian students) $20,950 CAD (Int’l students)

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