Program Length: 2 year biomedical communications program

Location: Toronto, ON

Admissions Req:  4-year undergraduate degree with certain prerequisite courses ;min mid-B standing in the final two years of undergrad; online application; and art portfolio

Highlight: If you’re looking for a unique applied art career that also incorporates your love for science, then check out the Master of Science Biomedical Communications program (BMC) offered by the University of Toronto! It’s this only place you CAN check it out since it’s the only biomedical communications program offered in all of Canada! This program bridges art and science in a unique way to promote more effective scientific communication. All students will complete a Master’s Research Project during this biomedical communications program using a range of exciting technologies, including 3D printers, digital photography equipment, and eye-tracking technology! You can also take a look at some amazing course-related artwork created by students over the course of this biomedical communications program here. Successful completion of this biomedical communications program will help launch your career in various fields, including media, animation, publishing, advertising, or academia. Previous graduates of this biomedical communications program have taken on various roles, such as animators in pharmaceutical industries, illustrators in textbooks or journals, creative directors in medical advertising, and many more!

Cost: Canadian students –$12,000; International$40,000.

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