Program Length: 4 year Bachelors or 2 year Diploma program

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Admissions Req:  
All of the regular admissions requirements for Dalhousie undergrad admissions, plus you will need a Letter of Intent with  details on any previous experience you might have in costume related activities plus any insights you have (in 1-2 pages)  on “Why Costume Studies?” along with any photos of your costume work. 

Highlight: Do you love the stage? The history? The drama? Have you ever wondered how different historical periods affect our dress? Well, the Dalhousie Historical Costume Design Bachelor’s Degree program should be on your list to consider. In this four-year BA history program, students will learn about clothing design and shapes from different historical periods and how to construct them. Moreover, they will be given insight into daily practices, available resources, and social norms that informed the particulars of clothing throughout the different periods in history. Students will be able to apply their understanding through smaller hands on construction assignments as well as through a larger historical research project in which they present their costume designs to others. The program includes foundational classes like “Body-Shaping through Historical Tailoring”, “Cave to Castle: Prehistory to 1450”, “Castle to Cafe: 1450-1700”, “Baroque to Bustles:1700-1900”, and “Bustles to Boardroom: Modern Fashion from 1900”, among a host of others.  Plus, each year, the costume program offers unique elective classes. Make sure to stay on the lookout for important dates which include different registration windows for different entry times throughout the year. Not only is this historical costume design program extremely fascinating and useful, it is also affordable! Fees depend on the student’s situation, and can be calculated here. Financial aid and scholarships are available too for this history program!  History is present all around us and has such a powerful impact on the way we perceive the world. So, what are you waiting for? Broaden your perspective and learn about how we view the world, in the present and the past. 

CANADIAN STUDENTS — $4,300.00CAD per semester ; @$4,900- CAD summer term
INT’L STUDENTS — $8430.00CAD per semester; $13,298.53CAD summer term

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