Program Length: 15 weeks

Location: Harley Davidson Campus in Fairview, AB Canada

Admissions Req: Must have completed :
English 10-1 or 10-2
Mathematics 10C or Mathematics 10-3

Although a high school diploma is NOT required for entrance to this program, students should be aware that some employers may require a high school diploma as a prerequisite for employment. 

Demand for this program is very high. An interview may be required to determine suitability. In these cases preference will be given to those who:
have extra academic achievement
are actively involved in activities related to motorcycles and engines.
can supply references documenting their experience, involvement, or potential in this field.

Highlight: If your Zen can be  described as the …”Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, this very cool motorcycle technician program is very likely for you. This technician program run by Harley Davidson is like no other. This hands-on immersive program teaches students about motorcycles and the ins and outs of operating and repairing them! Learn how to become a technician from a world renowned company. With an up-to-date curriculum, Harley Davidson promises to teach you the necessities of being a motorcycle technician in just 15 weeks. You will take theory, shop, and independent study courses. In theory and shop, you can learn all about precision instruments within Harley Davidson’s from the Sportster engines to the world-class suspensions. Additionally in this technician program, during independent study you’ll learn about how to repair a Harley using interactive modules. This is a college level technician program that allows students to enrol even if they haven’t yet completed their high school diploma. In fact, because this is a dual-credit program, you can take this college level technician program while also getting high school credits. After just 15 weeks, you’ll be a licensed technician who can apply your skills and work in one of the many Harley Davidson locations in Canada! 


Cost: (varies per semester/instructor)
Theory – around $2800 CAD
Shop – around $2600 CAD
Independent Study – around $1100 CAD

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