Studio 500 and Toronto DIstrict School Board

Program Length: This hairstylist training pre-apprenticeship program lasts 40 weeks.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Admissions Req: This hairstylist training pre-apprenticeship program is designed for those who want to become licensed Hairstylists but have not achieved the required academic requirements (OSSD or equivalent) to register as an apprentice.

Highlight: If you have a passion for hairdressing this hairstylist training program may be for you! The Studio 500/TDSB Pre-apprenticeship program offers a unique opportunity to gain real experience while receiving hairstylist training. While taking classes you will undergo 16 weeks of academic upgrading, 10 weeks of hands-on hairstylist training, 6 weeks of employment skills/ life skills/ computer basics/ CPR/ and first aid training ,and lastly up to 8 weeks of paid salon placement. If you don’t currently have your GED that’s no problem, because qualified candidates can complete their GED through this hairstylist training program! On top of that, the entire pre-apprenticeship program is completely free to use, and their job development services ensure your hairstylist training is rewarded with placement in a reputable salon.

Cost: This hairstylist training program is Free!

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