Program Length: 12 weeks

Location: London, United Kingdom

Admissions Req:

  • 18 and above
  • If English is not your first language you must have a good standard of spoken English (equivalent to IELTS 6.5)
  • If under the age of 21: UWL criteria of 48 UCAS points
  • If over the age of 21 no academic criteria is needed to be met as you are regarded as a mature student.
  • A natural love for the world of hair and make-up


Highlight: Are you looking to embrace your love for make-up and hair styling? Then look no further! The Delamar Academy located in the University of West London offers one of the world’s leading courses in make-up and hair styling and would be perfect for you and will work as a launchpad for your dream of becoming a successful make-up and hair artist! As said by Estee Lauder, “I never dreamt of success. I worked for it” and you could work for your success in the make-up and hair industry by looking into letting the Delamar Academy connect you with the skills and opportunities that can help you achieve your dreams of becoming the next Oscar or Bafta winning make-up and hair artist. During the first semester, you will study 10 modules from Period make-up to prosthetics and bold caps within the beautiful Ealing Studios of the university campus. During the second semester, tune in to your aspirations  for inspiration in the hair and make-up industry as your studies become more independent and can expand into a range of topics from afro hair to barbering. Finally, in your last module of the make-up and hair course, you will decide on your specialization and pick either advanced prosthetics, advanced hair, or advanced make-up whilst completing your work experience on photo shoots, movie sets or in a small production. If you are over 18 years of age (under 21 with 48 UCAS Points) and proficient in the English Language, sign up for the Advanced Complete Make-up Artist program today! Just pass the interview process and make your entrance into the world of wigs and make-up in film and theatre — where hair is definitely always part of the conversation!

Some videos you might want to investigate while you’re thinking:
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Daphne Bridgerton’s Hairstyles — modern regency hair tutorial
Make-up specifically for the stage
1860’s Victorian hairstyles


Cost: £14,900 / ~$27,000 USD (varies by chosen course)

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