Program Length: 4 semesters

Location: Fleming College, Frost Campus, Lindsay, ON K9V 5E6, Canada

Admissions Req: 
• OSSD (high school diploma) including Gr 12 C English and Gr 12 C Math

Highlight: Deforestation, pollution, climate change, and habitat destruction are just a few of the threats our planet faces on a daily basis. With time running out to reverse these damages, it is crucial to learn more effective ways to learn about preserving and serving our environment as it directly affects the survival of countless species and by default our own survival as well. Taking action to save our environment is not just an option, but a responsibility we owe to ourselves and the planet we call home. If you find yourself interested in taking part in this battle to protect the Earth then I have the program for you. The environmental conservation program (listed as “Environmental Technician“) offered by Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario, is an intriguing educational opportunity for individuals interested in environmental studies. This four-semester environmental conservation program provides students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of environmental technology. With a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation, this program covers various subjects related to environmental science, such as ecological systems, environmental legislation, and natural resource management.  Note that this program also has a Co-op option adding to the ways it serves to equip students with the expertise needed to address pressing environmental challenges. Graduates go on to work in the following specialties: environmental consultant, watershed technician, groundwater technician, geotechnical technician, soil rehabilitation technician, water quality technician. To apply for this environmental conservation program, interested individuals can visit the Fleming College website. Tuition for this environmental conservation program varies per student.  Financial aid and scholarships are available for eligible students including financial aid for international students! With its practical approach, emphasis on sustainability, and focus on real-world applications, this environmental conservation program at Fleming College provides a unique and valuable learning experience for students passionate about sustainability and ecological preservation.

varies by start date but the average is:
Domestic students: $2200 per semester
International students: $8700 per semester

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