Program Length: Masters program. Three years

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Admissions Req:

  • Most of the areas for the drama school require a resumé, statement of purpose, and a recommendation letter. Some programs also require a portfolio
  • For more information check the admission requirements link for more details on how to apply to this drama school depending on what you’re interested in

Highlight: Do you perceive yourself as a player on the world stage? Or perhaps you wish to set the stage itself!  If so, you have probably heard of an even considered applying to the masters program the world renowned Yale Drama school and setting yourself up to live out your future artistic dreams. From Acting to directing to sound designing, The Yale Drama school has it all for skills-honing thespians. And now, even beyond the fact that it’s Yale, it’s actually free to attend… for all! Yes!!! Thanks to a $150 million endowment from David Geffen, all students can now attend the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale University for free. If you are wondering about the requirements, check out the needed documents for each specific area of study in the drama school. If you are ready to commit the next three years of your life to your passion, then throw out your fears and intimidation and  consider applying to the David Geffen School of Drama. At the end of the day, the power to shape your future is in your hands.



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