Program Length: 4 years

Location: JWU Providence, JWU Charlotte, and online

Admissions Req: 
Students can apply using the online website, with applications of the program opening at the beginning of August. They even give you a handy  “5 things to know about applying to JWU” URL

Highlight: With the increase of online businesses and networks there have been an increase in theft and viruses and need for security both to prevent or limit hacking and to reduce the damage it can cause. Because of this, many university programs across the world offer students the tools, skills, and understanding to combat attacks against computer systems and and networks looking to protect personal data or company information. Johnson and Wales University ,an institution historically associated with a great culinary program, now expands its nationally recognized programming to include a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Defence . This cybersecurity program offers students the opportunity to enter a growing field of information security analysts from a slightly different angle that goes beyond security working to prevent attacks. This program looks to give students the awareness and skills to ensure businesses do not lose valuable data in the event that they ARE attacked. Some of the courses that students take include computer forensics, wireless networking, information security with cryptography and more. Students in the cybersecurity program will have the opportunity to participate in in-class labs and annual conferences. Through their partnership with the Washington Centre, this cybersecurity program provides students with continuous mentorship and internship options beyond the classroom, with well-established professionals and major companies like Johnson and Johnson and others. Students have the opportunity to choose from two campuses, Providence, Rhode Island or Charlotte, North Carolina. If you’re interested learning more about the program and about the benefits of becoming a JWU student, make sure you sign up for one of their open houses; they start as early as mid-February. There’s no better time than the present to investigate the benefits of cybersecurity for your future… As they say: the best offense is a great defense!

Per academic year, the cost is approximately $39,800.

Financial Aid: FAFSA and scholarships available to maximize your chances of receiving financial aid.

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