University of Waterloo

Program Length: Totally up to you.

Location: Waterloo, Ontario

Admissions Req: Welcomes all Waterloo students with entrepreneurial interest or an idea. You don’t have to be an “official entrepreneur” or have any particular major or GPA

Highlight: Concept is now the pre-entrepreneurial program open to all Waterloo students. It replaces Velocity which has now expanded to become an incubator space supporting founders and existing start-ups. Concept features 1:1 coaching and working sessions that can give students the support they need to cultivate and develop ideas.  It is also host to activities and events that allow students to demonstrate the impact of their ideas during their time at Waterloo all while adhering to the limitations of the pandemic and addressing the need to problem solve around it and other fallout from 2020. They even have a separate professional development designation giving students an added Edge in the business world. Concept is designed to provide amazing entrepreneur support for idea development, whatever your major, and wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey. HUGE. IMPACTFUL…and WELCOMING 🙂

Cost: No additional cost — available to any student at Waterloo

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