Program Length:  4 years

Location: Madison, South Dakota

Admissions Req: The general admissions requirements for this game design program depend on what category you fall into (high school graduate, non-high school graduate, homeschooled, non-traditional, etc.). The majority of these categories require you to have an ACT score greater than 18, an SAT score greater than 950, a GPA of above 2.6 on a 4 point scale, and have completed courses in English, advanced math, laboratory science, social science, and fine arts.

Highlight: Have you thought about pursuing computer game design? Dakota State University in South Dakota offers a Computer Game Design program (BS) that leaves students prepared for many careers. Game design requires strict attention to detail, in addition to creativity, and of course passion. In this program students will learn to cultivate these essential skills in order to be able to design, develop, and work in the game design industry. To earn this degree at Dakota State University, accepted applicants must be enrolled in the game design program for all 4 years. This game design program gives future game designers hands-on experience and strongly encourages teamwork to build communication and problem-solving skills. Students enrolled in this game design program will learn about specific tools and processes like programming languages, 3D modeling, and 2D graphics, as well as the fundamentals of game mechanics, narrative, aesthetics, and technology needed to be an efficient game designer. The admissions requirements for this game design program accommodate students from a range of backgrounds; whether you’re homeschooled or a non-traditional graduate, Dakota State University will do its best to fit you in! In addition to the academic and career opportunity to learn about game design and industry practices, this game design program offers numerous options for financial aid and scholarships ranging from undergraduate to even transfer schools. So, if you’re considering exploring a future in game design, check out Dakota State University and see if it can fit with your game plan!

SD, IA, NE, WY, CO, MT, ND residents: $17.1k
Minnesota reciprocity: $17.8k
Non-residents: $20.1k


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