Program Length: 2 year community integration program

Location: Barrie, Orillia, or Owen Sound (ONTARIO)

Admissions Req: OSSD/OSSC or at least 19 years; demonstrate academic needs that require accommodation or curriculum modification; demonstrate level of independence; completed Advocate Reference Form

Highlight: Designed especially for students with learning challenges, this community integration program prepares students for entry-level work by building their independence and confidence. Offered by Georgian college, this community integration program strives to enhance each student’s knowledge and skills through seminars, workshops, and field placements, while also encouraging and allowing them to follow their interests. Learning facilitators at this community integration program provide accommodation and modify the coursework to suit each student’s strengths. Tutoring and support sessions are also provided during this community integration program to ensure that the coursework best suits each individual’s learning level. Furthermore, carefully selected field placements during this community integration program helps enhance vocational skills and offers a hands-on experience on what a working environment feels like! Some past students in this community integration program have even been offered paid positions directly by their field placement employers. Graduates of this community integration program can apply for other entry-level jobs with their new qualification, or even apply to other college programs for further education! 

Cost:Domestic $2000/semester; International $9000/semester

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