Program Length: 2-year aviation program with intake in both the fall and winter semesters!

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada

Admissions Req: Applicants must have a high school diploma, be 21 years and older, be proficient in English, and must take a Transport Canada medical exam.

Highlight: Do you dream of flying your own airplanes? If so you will probably think this aviation program is pretty fly. Come learn about business and aviation at Keyano College. Kill two birds with one stone by educating yourself on the inner workings of the aviation business while obtaining your private and commercial pilot’s license (compliant with Canada Transport standards) at the same time! During the two-year aviation program, you will collaborate with McMurray Aviation for flight training so that you are ready for takeoff when you receive your diploma!

Cost: Canadian Students: $44,137.66 CAD/year

International Students: $48,134.66 CAD/year

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