Program Length: 2 years  

Location: Olds, Alberta

Admissions Req: To apply to this brewmaster program you must be 18 years or older with required assessments and grades for English, math and science, and portfolio.

Highlight: Calling all amateur brewers! Olds College offers a two year beer brewmaster program that will equip you with all the science and business skills to create and market your own unique beer. During your two years with this operations and management brewmaster program, you will make connections with big names in the brewery industry, learn business strategies from professionals to help build your brand,  and take marketing courses to help effectively brand and sell your beer, all while formulating your beer’s unique flavor! This brewmaster program will even give you the opportunity to compete in a school-wide beer tasting competition, and sell your beer in a retail outlet attached to the college! All in all, this brewmaster program seems like a pretty reasonable price to pay for a potential business opportunity and worth a look for any beer connoisseur! 

Cost: This brewmaster program costs about $7,800 CAD/year

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