Program Length:

Location: Virtual or Cypress

Admissions Req: The free MOOC and Self Paced Academic Certification programs do not seem to have pre-requisites for admission. Enrolment for the Master’s program(s) seems to be a fairly open application process (100% acceptance rate) involving past academic information, an interview, and the ability to stay in the program by passing the courses.

Highlight: The internet. Something that I’m sure many of us wouldn’t be able to function without. From school to money, we are slowly converting ourselves to becoming increasingly dependent on the digital world. While interest in blockchain has exploded in recent years, educational institutions have been hesitant to develop academic programs that address the need for teaching students about the field in its entirety, including both technological and financial elements. The benefits of technology are being discovered by an expanding number of firms in finance, banking, computing, supply chain, etc. and this blockchain program aims to close a significant gap between supply of academic knowledge in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and the high demand for it. Leading academics and industry professionals from all around the world will instruct you in this blockchain program. In fact, you’ll be a part of the world’s largest blockchain student community in this program with more than 900 students registered since 2014. Find employment opportunities as a developer, consultant, regulator, business analyst, financial analyst, and even become a startup entrepreneur. Scholarships are even available as well! Nothing should get in your way!. There is a program to suit every level of interest: a Free 12 week MOOC with no previous knowledge required to get you feet wet, 3 options for Academic Certifications (each 18 weeks to complete), and the 3 semester Master’s Program (with P/T and F/T and online and in-person options!). It’s a node-brainer! Checkout the blockchain program option that can work for you, today!

Masters costs €12,960 (approx.$15,500.00USD)
Academic Certification Programme costs €4,860
Need and merit-based scholarships available (up to 100% of tuition costs) 

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