Program Length: 4-5 years

Location: University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Admissions Req:
• The Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE) is a capacity-constrained major, which means that given the nature of requirements and projects, there is a limit to the number of students that the program can accommodate, even if you have met all of the criteria.
• Students interested in BSE will be part of the College of the Environment but must apply through the College of Engineering
• Note that the College of the Environment actually offers eight undergraduate majors and 9 minors! This program (Bioresource Science and Engineering) is just one of them!

Highlight: Are you passionate about the world’s natural resources but also enjoy mathematics and applying it to real world concepts? Well if that is the case why not seek a degree in Bioresource Science and Engineering at the University of Washington where you can combine your abilities in mathematics and chemistry to your passion for bioresources. This program is a five year chemical science program that can be combined with chemical engineering, enabling you to pursue both the environment and the importance of biomass resources alongside the theories of engineering. Through pursuing this degree you would be able to gain the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of both science and engineering to be able to access a career in any chemical or manufacturing engineering jobs. There is a requirement of a minimum 3 month internship though many students often do 6 -12 month internships…that are  PAID at a rate of $2500-$4000/month so you will definitely have work experience when you graduate! Your interests in the environment can be further pursued through the latter years of this program where you will be taught chemical analysis of biomass, use of natural non-wood products, thermal conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals, readily preparing your for any aspect of the engineering sector and in particular the chemical engineering sector. It is said that “chemical engineering is the engineering of the future, one that will change our planet to push us towards sustainability” so why not begin being an active part of changing our planet’s future and pursue Bioresource Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. 

Home student tuition: $12,076 USD
Non- Resident tuition: $39,906 USD

Scholarships and Financial Aid are of course available


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