Program Length: 1 month-2 years depending on the program

Location: Virtual

Admissions Req: Anyone- Introductory to Advanced students interested in facets of sports education — specifically in a football (soccer) context but probably can be applied to other sports as well. Sign up!

Highlight: Are your eyes fixated on the TV screen as you watch Messi dribble past defenders, dropping each man like a fly? Are you the first to voice your concerns about the tactics of Tyronne Lue when the Clippers are down by fifteen points in the second quarter? If so, then consider applying for the barca innovation hub sports education programs. Ranging from digital marketing in sports, football tactical analysis , and advanced sports nutrition , the sports education programs offers a variety of options for any and all sports enthusiasts for varying levels and interests. Not only are the sports education programs taught by licensed professionals in a virtual setting, they are also affordable, ranging from $200 to $1000 for a valuable certificate or diploma. Programs can be delivered in English, Spanish. or Portuguese. With a rich history across the span of more than a hundred years, this Spanish football club (through this recent initiative) offers a top tier chance for global advancements. Why miss out on a phenomenal opportunity in sports education programs when the opportunity is one click away? Don’t hesitate and say yes to a better future.


Cost: $200 -$1000

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