Program Length: 5 years

Location: Guelph, ON Canada

Admissions Req:  
• For mature, transfer or foreign students, refer to this link: here
For the rest:
• English (ENG4U), Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Biology (SBI4U), Chemistry (SCH4U), and 2 additional 4U or 4M courses are required

Highlight: Are you interested in learning about sustainable environmental development models based in joining 1000’s of years of Indigenous land-based knowledge and relational perspectives with western  technological problem solving practices? If you are, I have the perfect college course for you! The University of Guelph offers a Bachelor of Indigenous Environmental Science and Practice degree. This degree takes 5 years to complete, and offers a of Co-op work placement option with opportunities to work in First Nations communities and private consulting firms, as well as with municipal, provincial, or federal organizations. This course covers all kinds of topics like developing a foundational knowledge of theoretical and applied aspects of environmental science, technology, management, land-use and policy development practices all in relation to indigenous practices. To look at more course related information click here . To apply click here!

The overall average tuition for students from
Ontario  is @ $7600.00 CAD/ year
Canada is @$8,000CAD/year
For international students the average price would be $32,650.00 CAD/year

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