Program Length:  4 years

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Admissions Req: High school transcripts, optional SAT/ACT scores, four years of math and science (including physics and chemistry)

Highlight: Many have pondered the question, does life exist on other planets? If you want the opportunity to research this topic and countless other questions like it, this space degree, Bachelor’s Degree in Astrobiology from Florida Tech, can be your first step! It is the first-ever space degree in Astrobiology in the United States. This space degree features small class sizes and internationally recognized faculty. With about 1/3 of the student body coming from more than 100 different countries , Florida Tech is ranked first by US News and World Report for student diversity!  To complete this space degree you will need to complete 6 different physics and space courses. Many of the students that graduate from this space degree go on to pursue master’s and doctoral programs at prestigious universities like Yale, Caltech, and Johns Hopkins. As a part of this space degree, you can intern at places like NASA and The American Institute of Physics. You can also join one of Florida Tech’s research groups and work on developing high-tech cameras and many other projects with this space degree. Although this space degree costs $38,200, there is financial aid for you should you need it! Reach for the stars and apply today!

Cost: $21,173 USD


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