Program Length: Two years (full-time AI management diploma program)

Location:  Burnaby, British Columbia … online due to COVID-19

Admissions Req: 2 years of English + 1 year of math
Work experience recommended

Highlight: From self-driving cars to facial recognition and smart assistants, artificial intelligence has helped drive our world to new heights by allowing for faster decisions and safer operations. If you see yourself as the next leading voice of AI, look no further than this AI management program in the Business Information Technology Management diploma. The AI management program allows high school graduates to further their education and earn a diploma via a two-year full-length program. Focusing on areas such as computer vision, and AI ethics, the AI management program will allow participants to enter the workforce as qualified, and well-rounded candidates. If you have completed 2 years of English Language studies, and one year in mathematics, you are the perfect candidate for the AI management program! Although the price of $12,000 for domestic and $40,000 for international tuition might sound pricey, that IS the tuition for the whole program (not/year!), plus the benefits of hands-on experience including the chance to build an online business in the Cloud Business Development course and mentorship from professors are sure to be advantages when it comes to careers. Don’t dwell on your future and get involved in the next revolutionary project thanks to the AI management program by applying now!

Cost: 12,000 CAD for Canadian student (entire program cost — NOT per year)
40,000 CAD for International student (entire program cost — NOT per year)


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