Program Length: Apprenticeship certification programs in Canada are 4 to 5 years in length — split up into a combination of work and school studies. Includes an 8 to 12 weeks/ year to do coursework — at a college or trade association hall.   

Location: Canada

Admissions Req: Apprenticeship certification candidates must be at least 16 years old and have met certain course criteria. – yes, the majority of apprenticeship certification programs require a grade 12 math credit, and some may even require grade 12 science credits… BUT don’t let this discourage you — you can do this!  Candidates for apprenticeship certification in Canada must also have a sponsor, which can be fairly straightforward or alternatively be a bit difficult depending on your teachers or the set-up in your province. Check out free provincial and national conferences at Skills Competencies Canada to learn more about trades out there, what they offer,  and how to connect with sponsors to begin apprenticeship certification!

Highlight: Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you fancy the idea of going straight to work out of highschool and learning on the job? Then a trade apprenticeship certification program is a great alternative to the university route and might be right for you!  Start the apprenticeship certification process by completing a combination of on-site work and in-school course modules, and then move to officially begin your journey as an apprentice-  getting paid while you earn a certificate of qualification for your trade of choice 🙂 For many trades, the certificate of qualification requires writing and passing an exam, but don’t worry,  it’s an exam you will have the time and experience to be well prepared for!  And Red Seal Trades (which actually account for about 80% of all trades) allow you to train and work across Canada!  Once you pass, your apprenticeship officially ends, and you now move to being a certified Journey person With improved and verified skills, you not only have an increased pay scale, but also more flexibility to choose or create your work situation – not-to mention the unique opportunity to pay it forward and be the guiding force behind someone else’s apprenticeship certification expedition!  Possibly worth a look?

Cost: Apprenticeship certification programs are wage positions (paid by trade sponsors). Loans and grants for tools and housing and course-work study periods are also available

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